Self Raising Flour Calculator

Do you ever get mad when a recipe calls for grams of self-raising flour? ME TOO! Self-raising flour is expensive and hard to find. And WHAT IS A GRAM?!?!

But guess what? Self-raising flour is just regular flour, baking powder, and salt! This handy (and ugly) calculator will help you convert the eurocentric grams of colonial self-raising flour into wholesome, all-American cups of all-purpose flour and safe, regular teaspoons of baking powder and salt.

So grab your Great British Bake Off cookbooks without fear! You have what it takes to make Bakewell Tarts and scrummy Spotted Dick. Let the computer do the conversion for you.

By the way – caster sugar is called Baker’s Sugar in the United States. You can get it at most Safeways! You don’t need to spend $20 a pound for fine ground sugar just because someone slapped a fancy label on it.