Project name:

Morgan’s Martini Hour

Project description:

Morgan’s Martini Hour started as a weekly show on Hollow Earth Radio. Each week I had a different guest, my dad, a phone sex artist, an 11-year-old boy and they would give relationship advice to listeners.

I moved it to be a podcast after two years so I could have more flexibility in the recording and sound design. It became a variety show with music, interviews, jokes, and weird clips of audio ephemera, and of course plenty of advice.

The whole project had a decidedly 60s lounge feel in look and sound. We even were able to take it to the stage and sold out the Jewel Box theater for our live show.

We haven’t updated this podcast in a few years, but the episodes are still funny and relevant, especially because we never talked about the news.

You can check it out at here.

You can also find the extensive lounge / exotica / space-age-bachelor-pad playlist here: