Dan Kemmis

Working with Morgan?  Ha!  Good times indeed.  He’s highly intelligent, sure, and amazingly creative, yes…  Yet you’ll find a lot of smart and creative people around, you know that.  Yet the thing that you’re seeking, most likely is someone and something to set you apart, to take it to another level, to come at things a whole new way.  That is Dusatko.  He’s sharp as a tack, hell yes.  However he’s also creatively different and willing to push and to drive as needed or to ride along when that is best.  He’s an enabler of the talent around him, he’s also incredibly capable himself.  Add in that he has a true and well-balanced sense of ethics etc.  and you really have a complete package as far as I’m concerned…  Obviously, you can tell from my writing I like Morgan, and I love working with him.  You will too.  I’ll go so far as to guarantee it.  He’s that good.