I'm a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, and all-around video genius.

My Reel

My Skills


When working with trained actors I like Judith Weston’s approach, but I’m familiar with the Method and other acting frameworks. I use improv a lot, especially when doing comedy. I have a large toolkit when directing non-actors including improv games and focus tricks that facilitate natural performances.


I’m a skilled cinematographer and have experience in HD and 4k. I can do “run-and-gun” and studio shooting and lighting. I have a lot of experience with non-traditional cameras, including 16mm film cameras, toy cameras, and vintage video cameras. Experience with Sony fs7, Cannon C series, Cannon DSLR, Black Magic, Bolex, and many other cameras.

Video Editing

I’m a story focused editor with knowledge of continuity style and documentary styles. I have a deep technical knowledge of workflows, codecs, transcoding, and delivery formats. I’ve worked in multi-station networked editing environments and just have done it... you know... just off the hard drive of my laptop.

What My Clients and Collaborators Say

I had the good fortune to work with Morgan for several years on multiple projects. Morgan has a keen ability to rally both internal and external stakeholders to align, and has always delivered quality projects on time. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of working with Morgan is not just his well-thought out project plans and ability to communicate effectively and with ease, but his vision and creative mind. Truly a gifted artist! As a screen actor in one of his short films that he directed and produced, I was honored to be a part of his project. Never had I experienced such a sense of trust, and a feeling of both safety and freedom on set. I would work with Morgan again in a heartbeat, and look forward to seeing what projects he continues to produce.

Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry

Customer Success Manager at Acrolinx

While I only worked with Morgan for a brief time period, he had shown me extraordinary managerial skills that served as my own personal template. Not only was he able to quickly delegate the right tasks to the right team members, he was able to sufficiently oversee our progress throughout our project. Morgan’s ability to hold a group together on a common objective is superb.

But most importantly, Morgan is a friend. It never felt as if I was working for him but instead, I was working with him.

Kai-Yao Lan

Producer / Composer

One of the most level-headed, action orientated people I have ever worked with. His ability to deal with demanding and challenging client situations and come out with all parties satisfied amazes me to this day. I would recommend him to anyone as a valuable addition to their team.

Brad Hutchinson

Media Operations Support Technician at CBS

Morgan and I collaborated over the course of the two years on a series of light-touch, mini-documentaries made for Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI). During that time, he was flexible, dependable and enthusiastic. He was the ideal team member for a project that had tight timelines and limited resources. I also admired him as a patient and creative teacher, as someone who was genuinely invested in helping other team members understand how to achieve the best shot or the final cut.

Helen Divjak

Interpretive Designer at Thinc Design

I produced and directed “Typecast Dragon” and I’m very proud of it.

I like doing web series. I produced and directed 40 episodes of the MOHAI Minute.

Our feature length doc “Barzan” was picked up for domestic and international distribution.